They are counting on our stupidity!

This is by far, not the first time that our federal leadership has stepped out of line, however this is the first time I’ve been this passionate and angry about it.  Let’s look at the current budget issue from a sane, common sense point of view.  The first thing they’ve done is ensure that they get paid while they gamble with the pay of fighting men and women at home and abroad.  This being absolutely deplorable due to the fact that nearly all of congress and senate have a multi-million dollar net worth and could absorb not getting paid on time, unlike most men and women in the military who live paycheck to paycheck.  Suck it up and gamble with your own pay!

Second, no attempt to expedite this process has been made by our elected officials, exampled by the policy issues both sides of the aisle have added into their respective budget proposals (for democrats the biggest example is federal abortion funding through planned parent hood, for republicans the example would be cuts in the new healthcare bill passed only last year).  Both sides drafted their budgets with the absolute knowledge that they had no chance of getting the other side to sign off on them.  If our officials did not have that knowledge, they absolutely lack the wisdom to continue running this country.  Which brings me to my point.

As all of you know, this is just the most recent example of the partisan stalemate that has locked are government up for the memorable past and beyond.  This is not what the founding members of our country had in mind, and in fact is not what most of us have in mind as the way we should be operating the greatest country in the world.  The continued constant partisan rhetoric for the purpose of continued re-election is absolutely unacceptable and undermines any possibility of a significant piece of legislation coming from our lawmakers for the foreseeable future.  It is time for real change.

My idea for change is to remember that the working class is the MAJORITY in this country, however we are being governed by the top %1 of the white collar community, who is completely disconnected with the problems the rest of us actually face, and the issues we as real working people care about.  We do our jobs thanklessly, while they do anything but what their job is, and use us as pawns to promote personal agendas.  As they do all of this, they expect us to thank them and continue to vote for them to be re-elected.  We have allowed this to continue for too long, they are elected to serve us…not their reelection campaigns and lobbyists.  It is time for us to take our country back we naturally have the votes, lets govern with plain language everyone understands and close the loop holes.  I don’t want to change our politicians…I want to change who they are.


About fedupwithcongress

I am a navy veteran who is completely fed up with the selfish clowns running congress. I would really like to start a grass roots movement to completely change the face of government, put the working man in charge!
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